Posted: October 29, 2013 in Catholic, Poetry
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Taken from themarketbureauwebsite.businesscatalyst.com

Taken from themarketbureauwebsite.businesscatalyst.com

I am watching the world from the outside,
Looking in on all the wrong of this place.
The world is so full of such greed and pride.
I search for someone who can grant me grace.

I seek for answers I cannot find.
I just haven’t asked the right person yet.
I have questions but wander blind,
Those who I ask have much pain and regret.

People tell me He’s been with me all along,
They claim he is always among us.
This sinful world is not where I belong,
Take my loneliness and heal it, Jesus.

I wait calmly for the king to be crowned,
I am so lost, and have yet to be found.


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