Sacred Tradition and the Media

Posted: October 29, 2013 in Catholic, New Media, Opinion
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One of the things that drives me crazy when talking with someone who isn’t Catholic (or particularly religious) is when they make the claim that the Catholic Church is boring, outdated, and needs to consider rethinking its teaching to appeal to the modern world.  Let me go on a quick little tangent here about why the Catholic church is awesome.

  1. We have a patron saint against oversleeping (Saint Vitus)
  2. There are a lot of us. With over 1.2 billion Catholics world wide, not to mention our buddies the angels and saints, we are not a force to be reckoned with
  3. Our protestant brothers like to say we don’t know The Bible, but guess who put The Bible together?
  4. We have awesome Popes. Pope John Paul II used to sneak out of the Vatican to go skiing in the Alps. Who said Catholics can’t have a good time?

That’s just to name a few things. Note that none of that mentions the Eucharist, how awesome Mary is,  or how awesome the Sacraments are. If I go into details on any of those, I’ll be talking all day… However, as a Catholic in a modern world, it is really hard to keep up with the church doctrine. There is over 2000 years of sacred writings and doctrines and writings from saints. It’s hard for me to find time to pick up my Bible, let alone read everything the church has released about every subject imaginable.

Part of that is also the way society runs now.  We are constantly on the go, go, go.  We can quickly access the things we want to know with a few clicks.  I have access to an unending amount of information and it sits comfortably in my back pocket.  When I want information, I want it now.  It takes a lot of patience to read, reflect, and interpret the documents that come my way. Usually it’s a quick skim of the first page and I’m done with no plans to think about it again.

In my personal, humble, unprofessional opinion, the Church isn’t utilizing a key tool that can be used to bring those who have lost the faith, back into church on Sundays. The tool that can be used to allow the voices of liturgical geniuses like St. Paul, St, Augustine, and St. Francis to be heard world wide, to make them go “viral”.

Obviously the church is trying. There is this adorable picture of Papa Benny trying to understand twitter:

Taken from

Taken from

Or this adorable picture of Papa Franny taking selfies with some excited Catholic youth:

We have our foot in the door when it comes to seriously using the media in a positive way to help us, we just have yet to bust down the door with our awesomeness.  Some people do have it figured out.  They’ve been able to use the media and modern technology.   For instance, Cardinal Sean O’Malley runs a very popular blog which attempts to appeal to the younger members of the Catholic Church or Jennifer Fulwiler, a woman who grew up a hard-core atheist, but became Catholic and recorded all of it in an inspirational blog about her journey.

The New Media is our new link to the Sacred Tradition. With the new media, we don’t need to spend hours translating the Saint’s words and writings, we don’t have to carry a 100lbs copy of St. Faustina’s diary when we can easily access it on our E-Readers, we don’t have to be helplessly confused about St. Augustine’s Confessions when we can get help from bloggers who have made it a mission to read and understand the texts with just a few clicks.

Jesus Christ promised to make his apostles “fisher’s of men” (Matthew 4:19) following his death, resurrection, and ascension. They went out and preached, some dying for the cause. Their words were heard around the world. The faith spread like wild fire. The new media is a bigger, stronger, thicker net and it will keep their lives and their words alive.  If used right, the media could be the key to giving the church its rightful place in human heart.

And remember

Taken from catholicmemes.con

Taken from catholicmemes.con


  1. Your pictures of the Popes are adorable! I love your points on how the Catholic Church isn’t boring. Thanks for spreading the Truth!


  2. Grace Martin says:

    This is awesome 🙂 I found a typo though, “bust down the down,” instead of door, I’m assuming. I like the reference to JP 2 going skiing. Don’t forget how the church has survived 2000 years already, and was never made to be “cool,” but rather “right.”


  3. Shirley says:

    This was awesome! You made me want to read on. I agree with you that social media can be a force for good and The Church can reach out with Christ’s message. However, it, like all other media, attracts secularists. It is a very powerful movement that looks to denounce as “simple” and “illogical” anybody OR any “body” that glorifies God. THe Church must be relentless in it’s hope and in it’s message. Social media can, and really must be a part of that.
    You wrote your piece with such lighthearted humor, intelligence and, well, freshness that I feel it is the type of voice that could help the cause of being “fishers of men.”


  4. Steve says:

    Well done Hannah. Think about what fishermen need to practice their trade. They need bait. They need a pole. They need a hook, line and sinker. And they need a net. A boat is very helpful because you can be stealthy. And remember your waders. Sometimes you’ll need protection from the stuff you’ll step in!


    • Terri Doyle says:

      I think that having the Pope on my Facebook newsfeed is quite an extraordinary gift! Fr. Mario usually includes news from the Vatican every week in his homily–but now I can get Papal wisdom everyday!!!! God is good:)


  5. Your examples are really excellent. It’s amazing how the bishops have blogs and the Pope has a Twitter! When books were popular, the Church used those and now we have the new media. So exciting. Oh, and I’m so glad to have found out about St. Vitus. 😀


  6. Jean-Marie says:

    Your passion for the Faith is wonderfully conveyed. I liked your use of humor and fun Catholic trivia facts. The meme at the end is great!! 🙂 I also liked the comparison of new media to a fishing net that will capture hearts and how you said “The New Media is our new link to Sacred Tradition.” Your blog post definitely proves wrong the naysayers you mention at the beginning. Good job!


  7. Julia Holdnack says:

    I love how your blog made some great points and was really entertaining at the same time! It’s so true how people think the church is outdated, but they just need to see Pope Benedict with an iPad to be proven wrong! Really cute pic btw XD


  8. Liz says:

    I really enjoyed reading this! Good job! I liked when you mentioned that the Church has its foot in the door to media, but it has yet to bust it down. Well put!
    Also, such great pictures! 🙂


  9. Rosemary says:

    Amen sister! What a great post! I loved the pictures of the popes. It is so inspiring to see the ways the Church is using new media to evangelize to the culture. The first four points you made against the Church being boring were wonderful. I had no idea their was a saint for oversleeping. 🙂 Nicely done!


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