Hurting and Healing

Posted: March 24, 2014 in Catholic, Free Writing, Suffering
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Fun fact of the day: Out of the billions and billions of people that have lived and died in the world, there are only two people who are truly without sin. They are literally Mr. and Mrs. Perfect who never do wrong. They are like that person in high school or college that you kind of secretly want to dislike, but they are so awesome and nice that you physically can’t. You sit and wonder, “Is it just me or do they just not have a bad day?”

Mary ant the Baby Jesus

Mary and the baby Jesus

Person numero uno, is my dearest confirmation saint, Mama Mary. Here’s her dirty little secret, she still suffered and had bad days. The woman carried Christ for 9 months in her womb with threats of being stoned or exiled looming over her head. She also had to watch the same child suffer and die the most painful death known to man. Jesus hung on the cross for over two hours, not to mention the hours of watching him carry the cross out of Jerusalem and watching him be beaten and humiliated by the Romans before he was sentenced to death.

The second, of course is Christ, who had a really bad day. I won’t go into detail of exactly the suffering he went through, but many theologians would argue that God chose to die on the cross during that specific era of history because it’s designed to be painful and long. The Romans found satisfaction in their victims suffering.

I’ve been Catholic my whole life and if there is one thing I know for sure, it’s that being Catholic doesn’t always feel very good. You see these saints and expect to see them dancing around a daisy field, hand in hand with God and everything is peachy all the time. We are persecuted, we are tempted, we are tried. Being Catholic is about over coming that with God in sight.

How do we overcome those sufferings? The main think that has to be done is that we have to know who God is. The journey to the Lord is the longest journey that you will ever take in your life. For most people, it takes a lifetime. I’m still working on that journey. There are good days where I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress and then days in which it feels like I’ve taken 20,000 steps in the wrong direction.

You could be a platinum member of every airline in the world and it’s still the hardest. I’m pretty sure climbing Mt. Everest is easier than the journey to Him.

But y’all, he is there with his arms wide open and ready to love you. He isn’t leaving you hanging, waiting for you to find him. The only thing keeping you from him, is you. Learn to accept him. Accept that He is real and alive and he loves you

genie-lampOne of the things that you have accept is that God is not a Genie. You can’t rub a lamp and expect him to grant all of your heart’s desire. Don’t treat him like a Genie. I tried it, and I’m here to tell y’all that it doesn’t work. He’s not a genie, he’s a lover who is only going to give you exactly what you need. He loves you so much, and sometimes, in order to grow closer to him, suffering is necessary.

When you were little, and you got a scrape, you ran home to your mom to kiss it and give you a band aid. The same thing works for God. Run to Him with all your scratches and bruises and He will kiss it and make it all better. The difference between someone who goes to Heaven or to Hell is that the ones who go to Heaven are the ones that say, “I need you, Lord. I can’t do this without you.”

Jesus is calling you to him and begging you to stop running away. He is screaming, “I know your sin; I understand your sin! I know it better than you do! Let me fix it and make you whole again!” Your sin is not too big for God. You have not seen him flex. The only sin that the Lord can’t forgive, is the one that you don’t ask forgiveness for.  No matter what you’ve done, you are not your sin or your failures. You are the sum of the Father’s love; what makes you is God’s love.

He sees your potential more than you do. He cares more about you than anyone else in the world. He thinks about you more than anyone else.  The Lord makes over 4,000 promises in the Bible . Imagine how many more he has made to each and everyone of us that aren’t documented in the Bible? One of the things He promised is that  He will not give us a pain He knows we can’t handle and overcome. He promised that when He died for us. Because He died, we don’t have to endure the same pain and suffering that he did. It’s okay to get angry at God.  He can take it and give you peace.

1003285_10151697209994742_96657247_nBut forgiveness is crucial on this journey. Because of forgiveness the person I was before is not the person I am now. It’s not the person I have to be anymore. Y’all I am endorsing the Jesus thing, I tried the Jesus thing. It works.

You can run from God. You can be the fastest runner who wins all of the Olympic Gold medals, but God can run faster. You can play hide and seek, but the Lord has had thousands and thousands of years playing hide and seek with sinners and you will loose that game. Go to confession, get your sins out in the open. People are so afraid to got to church, but  Church is not a museum for saints; it’s a hospital for sinners. You will not shock the priest because (believe it or not) he’s a sinner too.

After word vomiting all of that onto you guys, I leave y’all with one last message. If you are going to take one thing from this post, take this:

Only Jesus can turn a mess, into a message;
a test, into a testimony;
a trial into a triumph;
a victim into victory.
He is worthy to be praised.


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