What makes us best friends

Posted: April 7, 2014 in Free Writing
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Okay y’all. I’m about to get sentimental. So last week was a tough week. I had a lot of tests and assignments due. I didn’t get a lot of sleep. A lot of things were happening and among those things was that I got into a huge argument with my best friend. After all of the hugs and tears, we made up. In the midst of all of that, I wrote this with no intention of showing it to anybody. But here it is; 55 reasons she is best friend, my soul sister, and my person. Find your person, because it’s awesome. Love you buddy!

  1.       We are two imperfect people who have refused to give up on each other.
  2.       We spend a lot of time laughing about what messes we are.
  3.       We are okay with silence. We don’t feel the need to fill every second with words.
  4.       She’s the one that my future spouse has to really win over.
  5.       She is literally my therapist, and probably the best one I’ll ever have cause she’s unafraid to tell me if I’m just being dumb.
  6.       Our Snapchats get uglier as time goes on. They tend to get grosser and uglier as time goes on.
  7.       We act like an old married couple. We are not afraid to  carelessly bicker, and when we really are mad, we can’t stay mad for long because we have important stuff to tell each other!
  8.       We are not embarrassed to cry in front of each other.
  9.       We make room for each other in the other’s life, even when life is crowded and busy.
  10.   She is able to ferret out my secrets when I really want to talk, but can’t quite bring myself to do it.
  11.   Our favorite nights are staying in with each other, watching Once Upon a Time, and just being together.
  12.   My parents ask about her when they call.
  13.   I’m as needy as heck and she tolerates it. I could yell PAY ATTENTION TO ME and she actually will.
  14.   We have code names and words that are not subtle at all when we use them in conversation and when our conversations are so infused with them we actually sound insane.
  15.   We’re Facebook friends with each other’s families.
  16.   We’ve stopped keeping track of who owes who what in terms of money borrowed it’ll probably even itself out eventually.
  17.   We know what the other needs when they are upset (chocolate and cheesy parodies of Frozen songs).
  18.   We live in different states while school is on break, communication is tough, but when we get back, we’re still as weird and dysfunctional as ever before.
  19.   You bring your problems to me and let me help you solve them
  20.   We are dangerous together because when out and about because we feed off each other and just spiral into insanity.
  21.   There are a few things lurking in my past and you’re the only one who knows about them- but you don’t hold them against me.
  22.   We knew we were going to be best friends as soon as you met. You still don’t know how or why. We really are nothing alike
  23.   Sometimes you give me tough love when I really need gentle love- but I know that’s because you’re worried about me.
  24.   We take pride in each other’s accomplishments.
  25.   We’ve hit a few rough spots, but with love and patience we smoothed them out.
  26.   The good, the bad and the ugly- we’ve been through them all and we’re still friends.
  27.   One hug from you is worth 10 from any other friend.
  28.   You never get clingy, but you don’t mind if I occasionally do.
  29.   Sometimes you don’t have time for me. That might make me sad or hurt for a while, but hey, you’ll be back. The same goes for me.
  30.   You always know the right thing to say.
  31.   We pray for each other.
  32.   You laugh at my horrible jokes.
  33.   You send me encouraging texts and messages at critical moments and I send them to you, too.
  34.   Sometimes we’re under a lot of stress and we snap at each other. Look, these things happen between friends. We get past it.
  35.   You know my dark side and I know yours. No judgments.
  36.   We don’t look alike and we don’t sound alike- but we think alike on all the important things and that’s what counts.
  37.   When I’m procrastinating hopelessly, you give me the push I need to get going.
  38.   When people talk to me and they understand that you’re the exception to the confidentiality rule.
  39.   Almost all of our college stories start with “So this one time, Hannah/Sarah and I….”
  40.   No topic is off limits, no boundary has gone uncrossed by the duality of our fierceness when the other is hurting.
  41.   Occasionally we get sentimental and tell the other how we’d be alone/miserable/dead without them. Probably not often enough.
  42.   It’s cliche but we do actually do reference our wedding speeches for each other or how our kids will grow up together.
  43.   We are able to glance at each other in a group conversation and when we’re finally alone we start saying I knew what you were thinking, Is that what you were thinking? OH MY GOD YES THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING!!!!
  44.   We know each other’s favorite songs by heart.
  45.   If I’m way out of line, she’ll tell me. If I’m doing a good job, she’ll tell me too.
  46.   We consider words such as jerkface, poopface, meanypants terms of endearment.
  47.   While shopping we see things that the other person would like and yell at them to come. We find things for the other more than we find things for ourself.
  48.   We share food.
  49.   We are comfortable with judging each other.
  50.   We know the other’s salad toppings.
  51.   We tell each other every little, pointless, dumb thing that happens in the day because somehow everything means something and for some reason, the other really does care who you were sitting with in lab and what offhand comment Harold made in Ethics. Essentially, we talk about basically nothing all day and yet it’s always fascinating conversation.
  52.   We always understand each other, even before we tell the other what’s wrong. We’ve to developed  this telepathic understanding of each other, and that’s what makes us inseparable.
  53.   The things that we laugh at would make no sense to anybody else.
  54.   No one else gives me the total attention the way she does when I have a problem or just need to talk.
  55.   No argument or disagreement would ever end our friendship.

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