I have been looking to writing this post for over a month now and I am so excited about what I have to talk about. I just completed Father Michael Gaitley’s 33-Days to Morning Glory: A Do-It-Yourself Retreat in Preparation for Marian Consecration this past Saturday renewing my consecration to the Blessed Mother. I first consecrated myself almost a year ago on August 24, 2013 using St. Louis de Monfort’s Total Consecration, which was beautiful and required me to re-sight beautiful prayers that I have never heard before, however, it was difficult dive deep in prayer because my focus was on the complicated vocabulary and the constant repetitive nature of that retreat.

25348_WFather Gaitley came to Franciscan towards the end of first semester to promote his 33-Days to Morning Glory book and I had to cover it for the Troub. I hadn’t thought a lot about me consecration since. I bought a consecration chain (a chain worn around the wrist to serve as a reminder of the sins in which baptism and the consecration has freed us from) but I would only wear it every once in a while so I lacked a daily reminder.  Gaitley’s words captivated me as he discussed the beauty of a Marian Consecration and offered an easier and (in my humble opinion) better way to consecrate myself to the Blessed Mother.

When his book was on sale in Franciscan’s Bookstore, I decided to grab a copy and begin as soon as I got home from school. Both Gaitley and de Monfort suggest that you schedule the 33 days so it will end on a Marian Feast Day. I choose the feast of the Immaculate Heart because it was the soonest feast day. The consecration itself is four weeks plus 5 days of preparation and reviewing before the final consecration day. Each week is devoted to a particular Saint with a strong devotion to the Blessed Mother. Gaitley reviews that Saints charisms and throws quite a bit of Mariology  (the theological study of Mary) in with the mix. So it’s different everyday versus the constant repetition of de Monfort’s consecration.

At the end of the 33 days, you say a long and beautiful prayer promising yourself to Mary and to Christ. Gaitley suggests you print your own copy of the consecration to sign and date on consecration day and every time you renew your consecration after that.

New Consecration Chain

New Consecration Chain

Consecration Prayer

Consecration Prayer

Despite completing a consecration before, I decided to start fresh with a greater understanding of the significance of a Marian consecration. So I printed and laminated my consecration prayer to hang in my room and I bought a new consecration chain from Home Depot that I liked more than my original and was more permanent so I wouldn’t be so tempted to take it off and avoid the daily reminder of my consecration. Consecration Round 2 (as I affectionately call it) was over all so much more fruitful than my first consecration. It was easier to understand and I felt much more enthusiastic at the start of the retreat than I did the first time because I was better educated concerning what a consecration to Mama Mary was.

So my dear readers, I have a challenge for you; Consecrate yourself to the Blessed Mother. If you are already consecrated, reconsecrate yourself. Do some research and get excited about preparing for consecration. Their are thousands of books devoted to this very thing and Gaitley’s version just so happened to be the way that worked for me. Their are plenty of consecrations written by St. Louis DeMonfort, St Maximilian Kolbe, Pope Saint John Paul II, and more.  Do some research and find a way that works for you whether it be by resiting prayers like DeMonfort’s consecrations, or  by reading about the Theology of Mary like in Gaitley’s version. Read the introductions to have a solid understanding of your commitment (one mistake I made the first round) and enjoy it because Mary is awesome. I’ll be praying for y’all in the meantime!



  1. Matt says:

    It really is a powerful book. Can I *also* recommend “My Ideal: Jesus, Son of Mary”? It’s by Fr. Emile Neubert (published by TAN) who was St. Kolbe’s favorite mariologist (they even kept correspondence.) I was told by a Franciscan of the Immaculate priest that St. Kolbe apparently said that anyone who was preparing to consecrate themselves to Our Lady should have this book for regular meditation


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