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It’s really funny talking to Catholics about confession. Everyone has an awkward confession story. I have two:

1) I went to confession during holy week and the priest was a visiting priest from somewhere in Central America and didn’t speak a lot of English. Not only did I not understand a word he said, but I did not understand my penance and he dismissed me without having me recite the Act of Contrition. I didn’t realize this until I left. Whether or not it counted as an actual confession I have not clue, but I should’ve gone back and tried again because it was, after all, holy week.

2) I went to confession with a priest I have never been too fond of, but he was the only one hearing confession at the time. Everything was going smoothly, I had already confessed the sins that really heavily weighed on my heart and was just getting to the little stuff. I confessed that I had lied and by lying, I meant little white lies that we shouldn’t tell but do to get out of stuff, and he leans towards me and tells me with the most straight face “You are going to get caught.” I was a little shocked and taken aback. But laugh about it now.

I tell these stories because I know how weird confession can be, but believe it or not, I actually enjoy confession. I haven’t always. It always felt so awkward and humiliating. My sins are between myself and God. I didn’t need some old priest to know what I did wrong too. But I grew to like it.

How? I realized that I love the feeling I get after I leave confession. The feeling of a weight literally being lifted off your shoulders and walking on air in perfect communion with God.  That idea of being sin free and no longer feel guilt about what I have done wrong is enough to get me to confession and get excited about it.

Priests are human, so not every experience in confession is going to be perfect. There are going to be awkward moments, but so long as we remember the reason why we are in confession and the joy of being forgiven by a God so beautiful and wonderful who wants to forgive our sins, it’s enough to forget the awkward moments.

Confession doesn’t have to be scary and awkward. It doesn’t have to be well thought out and poetic. I used to go to confession and I made a point o say the sin that really burned my heart last for dramatic effect. But I had someone suggest to me to say the worse sin first so that I won’t have to be distracted by it while in the confessional. I’m here to say it’s right. It’s easier to say what you are most guilty of then let it sit in your throat, then you can confess your other sins with sincerity and without your thoughts distracting you.

Confession is awesome and beautiful. No other church in the world has a practice that comes close to confession and the forgiveness of sins. So take advantage of it and receive His mercy because it is so worth it.