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Last Wish

Posted: December 2, 2013 in Poetry
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If I die young, here is my last wish.
Lay me down at the feet of his mother.
Remember everything I accomplished.
Light candles and comfort one another.

Know I have found bliss in the afterlife.
When I die, read my journals and poems.
Remember me as someone who loved life.
Remember my joy and not my problems.

Try to understand my love for the host.
Allow my life to be a sign of hope.
Say my last rites in the place I loved most.
In my hands, the rosary from the pope.

And promise me that you won’t forget me,
Know that my death is what has set me free.



Posted: October 29, 2013 in Catholic, Poetry
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I am watching the world from the outside,
Looking in on all the wrong of this place.
The world is so full of such greed and pride.
I search for someone who can grant me grace.

I seek for answers I cannot find.
I just haven’t asked the right person yet.
I have questions but wander blind,
Those who I ask have much pain and regret.

People tell me He’s been with me all along,
They claim he is always among us.
This sinful world is not where I belong,
Take my loneliness and heal it, Jesus.

I wait calmly for the king to be crowned,
I am so lost, and have yet to be found.

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Men of God, revolution has begun,
Bring the dead and sleeping back to life.
We will await the coming of the son.
There is no need to begin a strife.

The enemy called relativism,
Has attacked our church and her beliefs.
The church has been here since her baptism,
She brings fear to the enemy’s head chiefs.

He’s changing hearts, living on the inside.
The earth sings praise, her faith overtakes.
Jesus Christ has come to defend his bride.
Heaven roar, fire falls, the earth awakes.

People sing as the gift of grace arrives,
Tell the world that our God is alive.


Posted: October 27, 2013 in Catholic, Poetry
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Sinners be still and let him change your life,
Lift your hands and ask for his grace again.
He asks you not to fear the afterlife.
He has more strength then fifteen thousand men.

He offers water to the thirsty hearts.
He is the light, the city on the hill,
He is able to fix your broken parts.
He will come and find you, just remain still.

He gives you refuge and courage you need,
He will be there through the good and the hurt.
He will still love you despite your greed.
The Lord will offer you love and comfort.

Don’t run, even if part of you dies,
Give him all you are, let your faith arise.


Posted: October 26, 2013 in Catholic, Poetry
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This cold winter is only a moment.
This desolation is just for now.
No one can hurt me when Your are present.
Plant Your seed within me and let it grow.

Temptation comes and You send me Your grace.
I adore You with my hands in the air.
You have perfect love, You died in my place.
My world is caving in, but You are there.

This is the mere start, let me know You more,
My Lord God rescue me, take my hand.
Please come and knock, I will answer the door.
Without you, I am nothing in this land.

Your spirit causes my soul to brighten.
It’s because of your I can move mountains.


Posted: October 25, 2013 in Catholic, Poetry
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My soul sings as your word falls on my ear.
I call your name for help and you answer.
Your presence changes the room’s atmosphere.
I will live for you, you are my shelter.

I live thankful for the Roman’s mark
The world sees the light you’ve put within me.
It was Christ that led me out of the dark,
Unending, redeeming love set me free.

The prophets’ word was fulfilled through your death.
Through your death everything was rearranged.
Your perfect sacrifice gives me new breath.
In that one moment, everything was changed.

When your grace finds me, I’ll finish my climb,
I’ll fall in love with you for the first time.

Angel in Disguise

Posted: October 24, 2013 in Poetry
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I can’t pretend everything is okay.
You cannot say that you have never cried.
When the world is bleak and the sky turns grey,
Please let me be the angel by your side.

I will help you survive this long, cold night,
And I will be your strength when you have none.
If you don’t know when to go left or right,
Let me promise I won’t leave your side.

There is a void in your heart and soul,
Remember your God has been sacrificed.
Tell me if you find yourself in a hole.
Hear me calling you home to Jesus Christ.

So when you are down and tears fill your eyes,
Then let me be your angel in disguise.