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It’s ironically hilarious how the United States seems to be reacting to the recent documentary, Blackfish. I haven’t actually seen the documentary myself, and I certainly don’t plan on seeing it anytime soon, but I find it ironic the way people react seeing the killer whales in captivity when they don’t quite understand what is happening to their own species right in their neighborhood (That’s right, I pulled that card…).

Ask anyone who knows me well, Abortion is a topic that makes me angry.  Tell me that men should marry men, I might avoid that argument; tell me that all America should embrace a free health care mandate, not worth getting into a discussion; tell me that Obama is a great president, I’ve got better things to do than point out how uniformed the population is.

Tell me that abortion should be legal and for all cases, no matter how developed the child is, that is a discussion I cannot refuse.

The whole situation makes me mad. Not always at the mothers, I can’t imagine the turmoil that some of them go through, the feeling that there is no way out, the regret, the guilt, the shame.

However, I have also realized that there are people who are already currently mothers with two or three children who simply don’t want another one. The people that make me most angry are the people who surround those women; the men who father those children, her parents, the clinic’s doctors and nurses, especially the clinic staff.

In almost every testimony I’ve heard about abortion, the woman are not allowed to see the screen of the ultrasound, or hear their child’s heart beat because it’s those images and sounds that prove how human and alive the child is; it’s when they see those images that they change their mind and walk out, then the clinics don’t get paid.

Abortion makes death a business.


What I also don’t understand is at what point does life and children and being pregnant stop being of value to a woman. Having one child is enough to convince many that life is precious and shouldn’t be wasted, especially by a vacuum.

Yet some women with children already, don’t see the value in their unborn children. They can’t recognize that it’s more than a fetus.  If they can’t see it in their unborn child, who says they can see it in the living ones? What next if the pro-abortion group keeps growing? Killing a kid after being born because of it’s funny looking nose?

The pro-life movement is growing. More and more people are realizing the horrors of abortion, no matter their religion or political parties. The pro-life movement is full of young people. But why is that? Because it’s our generation that is being massacred. Those being killed are the ones who were supposed to be our brothers and sisters, our classmates, our friends, our lovers,

“Young people are rejecting abortion these days,” said Barbara Meara, chairman of New York State Right to Life. “The 18 to 25-year-olds are the most pro-life group in the country, according to a number of different polls.”

The Susan B. Anthony Foundation claims “In 2012, those identifying as ‘pro-choice’ reached their smallest numbers since polling began. As the number of pro-life Americans begins to grow, the pro-choice movement has seen its numbers dwindle. The Pro-Life Majority is growing!”

The largest and strongest group of people pro-life appear to have been born after Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court Case that made abortion legal in 1973.  Irony? I think not.

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