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The Holy Spirit is easily the most complicated person of the Trinity. He is hard to understand because it is impossible for our tiny human minds to understand how vast and great he is. I think Christ is easy to understand because he is human. There is concrete proof that he was a real man who walked on earth. We can imagine Jesus easily with hair, ten toes and fingers, a nose. He ate and drank, he smiled and cried, he had a mother and friends. It is easier to understand and relate to him. God the Father is easier to understand because of what we know about him in the Old Testament and what Jesus preached about him in the Gospel.

It’s hard to wrap our head around who the Holy Spirit is, but he has such and incredible role in our lives. Nicholas Sparks has a quote that I’m going to kind of rework to help me explain who the Holy Spirit is. Sparks says, “Love is like the wind, you can’t see it, but you can feel it.” This is such a beautiful image and it so perfectly how we can approach the Holy Spirit.

The wind has been a symbol for the Holy Spirit for centuries. There are some days where the wind is light and you can barely feel it when you step outside, but you know it’s there by the faint way it may rustle some leaves in the trees or by a flag flowing on a flag pole. Other days, it’s so strong and overpowering that it is blowing umbrellas, water, and even cars away. It can be harmless one moment, and absolutely terrifying and destructive the next.  I’ve had moments where I am outside and struggle to stay standing up when the wind starts blowing too fiercely.

Very similar to the wind, the Holy Spirit has moments where we can hardly feel him at all, then other moments he is so strong and overpowering in how he works in our lives, we can barely stand. It’s hard to know him. But faith is our eyes.

Even when we don’t feel the wind, we can see how the wind impacts the world around us. Similar to the Holy Spirit, we may not be able to see him work, but faith can be our eyes in seeing how he impacts the world around us, even when we feel nothing. Faith can give us hope in difficult times and help us identify that the changes and events that happen in our lives is by the workings of the Holy Spirit.

There are moments when we can hear the wind whistling in our ears, other times we can’t, but we still know it’s there by hearing the leaves rustle or the chain of the flag pole tapping the metal pole. Sometimes we hear the Holy Spirit in other people whether it be our youth ministers, friends, priests and religious. We can even hear him when we read scripture or when we read an article online or a book that has a powerful impact on us.

It’s hard to understand the Holy Spirit. We weren’t meant to completely understand him because there are somethings that God chooses to keep a mystery until we are united with him in Heaven. This explanation is in no way perfect, however it simplifies such a huge complicated aspect of the church a little bit.