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I don’t think a lot of people realize that what a huge role church plays in their lives. I’m not talking about THE church as a whole or about the old guys in Rome who seem to know a thing or two about God. I mean the actual structure of a church and the people alive. It drives me crazy when people say “I don’t need a building to worship God. I can worship him quite comfortably at home.” Okay yes, the second part of that statement is true, personal prayer at home with the Lord is so important, but there are some crucial things that a person is missing if they aren’t making a commitment to their church. So I have compiled a list of 4 easy things to do at church (aside from attending mass) in order to make the most of what the Lord has to offer through  your church:

A. Be a family member

It is so tempting to simply rush into mass with your children or your parents then pile back into the car and go home. Catholicism gets a bad rep when people say the church is outdated and full of old people. The church is actually very alive and active, except the people aren’t sticking around long enough after mass to be part of it. Get to know the people in your church. Stay for the donuts after morning mass and get to know that woman who sits behind you with the amazing vocal range. Shake hands with your priest and allow him to remember your name and face so he can pray for you and your intentions.

The Church was built because Christ brought together a group of extraordinary people and allowed his spirit to work through them to build the church we know today. Allow the same Spirit to work through your relationships with the folks in your church too and you could gain some truly amazing and godly companionships.

Their is a reason the priest uses the words “my brothers and sisters….” in the mass.

B. Be a Servant

Get involved in your church because they are always looking for extra helping hands. Individual churches always need help in their Religious Education and Youth Ministry departments because the children of the Church need people who they can look up to and aspire to be like, thus holding onto their faith into their adult lives.

Be a small group leader in the RCIA program, offer your public speaking skills to the church by reading in mass. Have a deep passion for the Eucharist? Hold the body and blood of Christ in your hands and give it to your brothers and sisters to share the great mystery of Communion.

C. Be a Witness

How have you encountered the Lord in your day to day life? One of my favorite things is listening to some one talk about how the Lord as impacted them in their lives and changed it for the better. I love it because I can hear the story and gain hope because if the Lord does that kind of work in that person’s life, what can/will he do in my own life?

Share your testemony and your encounter with Christ with those in your parish. You never know when you will help them find the glimmer of faith that the Lord has not abandoned them in their trials.

D. Be Understood

Show the members of your parish who you are so they can understand your passion and love for Christ and aspire to do the same. Be real with them and don’t pretend. It does not do anyone any good when you sugar coat when you are having a difficult time because your brothers and sisters in your parish can pray for you and for clarity of mind. Remember to remain humble and honest.

It’s okay to admit that you don’t have it all figured out because nobody does, not even the holiest of God’s creation do. Be unafraid to share how you are still working on yourself with God.